August 22, 2017


Estimating services

We offer a full estimating service to a range of customer types. Our customers are made up from general builders , main contractors to home owners and developers.

Our estimating services are delivered by using very accurate and powerful estimating software which allows us to input multiple levels of information such as labour & material prices, plant hire rates , outputs levels as well as project mark ups and overheads.

We have extensive experience with over 20 years in the construction industry and we are able to price projects from loft conversions, extensions ,commercial fit outs and new build.

We also have experience in specialist areas such as retrofit basement construction, underpinning, structural repair and piling

We also provide estimating for trade sub-contractors such as carpentry, plastering, electrical and plumbing

We issue to our customers a document pack which would include the following

Customer report ( internal use )

  • Fully resourced and priced bill of quantities
  • A schedule of Labour used in the estimate ( type, rate and cost )
  • A schedule of Material used in the estimate ( type, rate and cost ) which can be used later for buying
  • A schedule of plant
  • A report on cost, value and margin

Client report ( End client use )

  • A fully documented client side report consisting of the estimate and which would include our customer’s business logo
  • A schedule of terms and conditions
  • Any other particular qualifications that might be relevant to their tender submission.

This allows our customers to have a complete hands off solution to estimating for projects

BQ production

This is a service we offer to main contractors who are engaged in a tendering process in which they receive enquiries such as design and build projects where there is no bill of quantities,

This service allows the Main Contractor to continue the tendering process by having a BQ produced within the tight timescale thus allowing them to make any sub-contractor enquiries as well as pricing from first principles or previous historical rates.

We are able to receive AutoCAD files, PDF files and BIM models. We are able to produce BQs measured under the SMM7 or NRM convention.

We are fully resourced with onscreen and BIM measurement software allowing us to produce a very accurate takeoff and a BQ.

We are able to deliver to our clients the BQ in Multiple file formats such as PDF,  Excel or CITIE

All of our BQs are issued with a pack which also includes fully annotated dimension reports and marked up drawings

Tendering Enquries / Sub-Contractor procurement

We offer this service to Main Contractors which allows us to help them with procurement or subcontract enquiries for tendering

We are able to administer the enquiries for various trades on projects allowing them to form part of the tender submission and then later the procurement process for the construction build out.

As part of this service we are to carry out full SubContractor comparisons and tender reporting

Cost planning

We offer a cost planning service to Homeowner, Developers and Architects at the early stages of a project to assist with setting a construction budget and for design review / value engineering. We are able to start cost planning from outline information such as sketches, basis drawings and the brief document.


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